It’s Simple. You Want to Know Your Cars, Home, and Family Are Covered at Affordable Rates

Because you’re busy with your job or business, spending time with your family, and living your life, you’re looking for a local independent insurance agent who knows the insurance game.

You demand to work with an agent you can trust who can explain your options without all the insurance speak stuff. And of course, you’re looking for the best value available- comprehensive coverage at the best rates available.

But the real test is what happens when you have a claim. An agent who is easy to reach, offers fast response, and goes to bat for you with your insurance company to make sure your insurance works as promised makes all the difference.

“Over the past five years, Kyle Champ has gone above and beyond to provide my wife and I with outstanding service and dependability. Portland Insurance has provided me with quality auto, renters, and life insurance. Multiple auto claims were both handled in a speedy manner. I now live over an hour and a half away from Portland but still trust Portland Insurance to take care of my insurance needs. Not only do I have the most affordable rates I can find, but I know that we are well covered.”  -Nathan Helm

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