Claims Reporting

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident or have a property or potential liability related claim on your personal or business insurance policy, we’re here to help.

That’s exactly why you invest in an insurance program.  It’s to protect you when something bad or unexpected happens. We’ll guide you on every step along the way.

Deciding on if you should report and file a claim?

If there’s even a remote chance that someone may have suffered an injury or property damage as a result of the accident, then you must file the claim. Otherwise, if you choose not to file it, you run the risk that your insurance company won’t respond and protect you from damages from a potential lawsuit. 

There are, however, situations where it makes sense to not file a claim. Keeping your insurance record clean will probably keep your rates down.


Yes, I need to file a claim

If you need to file a claim, please contact us directly at 260-726-9345

As your independent insurance agent, we’re committed to make your claim experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. Clear, responsive communication and sharing of information is vital in the claims reporting process.

We’ll help you in filing your claim with the appropriate insurance company and we’ll follow-up with you automatically to make sure you’re treated right and fairly.

If at any point you think you’re not being treated fairly, need some help along the way, or want to share your positive experience with us, just let us know!  We’re always here for you.

How to File a Business/Homeowners Liability Claim

In the event of injuries or damage to property of others which you allegedly caused:

  1. Call us to report a claim.
  2. Forward any correspondence, including a summons/legal paperwork from an attorney representing the other party.
  3. Do not discuss the claim with the other party or their attorney. Refer them to your insurance company’s claims adjuster or to us.


After we report the claim to the insurance company, the claims adjuster will:

  1. Contact you to discuss the incident that allegedly caused the injury or damage to the property.
  2. Deal directly with the other party and/or attorney to handle the claim.


How to File an Business/Personal Auto Claim

If you’re involved in an auto accident:

  1. Report the accident to the police.
  2. Obtain information about the other people involved in the accident such as:
    1. Names, addresses, and phone numbers;
    2. Insurance company;
    3. Type of vehicle; and
    4. Auto and driver’s license numbers.
  3. Have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair shop if the vehicle is not drivable. Do not authorize repairs until the claims adjuster gives you the authority to do so.
  4. Call us to report the accident.
  5. Take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the other party(s) vehicles, and the accident scene

In the event of a windshield, vandalism, or theft loss:

  1. Report the vandalism loss or theft to the police.
  2. Call us to report a loss.

After we report the claim to the insurance company, the claims adjuster will:

  1. Contact you to request details of the accident and repair estimates.
  2. Arrange for an appraiser to inspect the damages of vehicles that are not drivable or extensively damaged.
  3. Contact you for a settlement.
  4. Deal directly with the others involved in the accident.

You should not talk to others involved in the accident but refer them to your claims adjuster.


 How to File a Business/Homeowners Property Claim:

In the event of damage to your business building/your home, or business content/your personal belongings:

  1. Protect the property from further damage:
    1. Call the proper authorities and utilities (gas, electric, telephone).
    2. Take photos of the damage before having emergency repairs made, such as boarding up windows or covering holes in the roof.
  2. Call Portland Insurance at 260-726-9345 to report the loss.
  3. Call a contractor to estimate the building damages.
  4. Separate damaged contents from undamaged contents. Do not discard any items until the claims adjuster gives you the authority to do so.
  5. Keep records of expenses if you are forced to temporarily relocate your business/or find alternative living arrangements during repairs to your home.
  6. Do not authorize repairs until the claims adjuster has given you the authority to do so

Stay Tuned: In the next 90 Days, the Portland Insurance Claims Reporting App will be made available to help make Claims Reporting simple and easy... right from your mobile phone.